Dienstag, Januar 13, 2009


Gelegentlich veröffentliche ich hier Kunstprojekte meines Exformations Kollegen Scott.
Also, viel Vergnügen!

My new installation "SITUATION ROOM" will be exhibited at SFMOMA from this Thursday, January 15th through next Tuesday, January 20th, during SFMOMA's regular hours of operation.

You'll be able to find it up on the 4th floor as part of "The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now."

I've been slowly working on this piece for almost two years, so this sudden opportunity is a very exciting chance for me to actually put it up & see how it is coming together. Like most of my work, it is both amusing & disturbing. Unlike much of my work, this piece is sort of timely.

Technically, this exhibition opportunity is part of "Public White Cube," a project by Joachim Blank, Gerrit Gohlke and Karl Heinz Jeron that is in turn part of SFMOMA's "The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now" exhibit, and it includes concepts, designs & materials contributed by Ledia Carroll.

There is no opening reception for this show. I can arrange to get 4 people a day in for free, first-come first-served, with at least a day's notice. I also work at SFMOMA, so I can be make myself available to meet you at my installation during my lunch hour only, from 12noon-1pm, with a day's notice.

For more information about this project, please take a look at:

Once my work has been installed, there will be photos & commentary posted at http://publicwhitecube.com/pwc/